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Art Rental
We represent a wide and diverse selection of up and coming professional artists from the UK and the International arena. Please browse through our web site and select artwork that is of interest. We can then discuss which works you intend to rent and provide a short list of work which you would like to consider for rental. For more specific requirements you can use our consultancy service and we can create a tailor made rental short list for consideration.
Tax-deductible business fine art rentals
Choose fine art from emerging and established artists to fill empty space, jazz up your lobby and conference room, and improve employee morale....all for a few pounds per day! Our clients frequently come to us when they are relocating, remodelling, redecorating or expanding their offices. Our experienced consultants work with you to select the perfect pieces of art to meet your specific needs and budget. With fine art rentals starting at just 20 per month each (minimum of 80 per month required), many of our clients also rent fine art for the following reasons:
  • Ability to deduct monthly rental payments as legitimate business rental expense for tax purposes;
  • To benefit from the appreciation of fine art without a large up-front capital outlay;
  • A rental payment can fit into an office budget very easily;
  • There is an option to exchange works of art at the end of the minimum rental term
  • Flexible budgeting for expenditure on art to suit the client's financial planning
  • The Opportunity for staff to purchase art from the rotating exhibitions
  • Pictures are normally changed every six months
Guide to weekly rental costs:
Prints and Photographs 3.00 - 8.00
Watercolours 4.00 - 10.00
Oil paintings 8.00 - 50.00
Sculpture 8 - 80
An art consultant can work with you to make your selections based on your colour scheme, budget and collecting goals (long term, rotating pieces, featuring local artists, etc.); we will send you a short credit application to complete and fax to our office; Credit Approvals are provided within minutes. The minimum monthly rental amount is 80 per month and can include one or more pieces and a combination of artists and styles. We require the first and last two rental payments paid in advance.
Our online gallery has been set up as a result of the outstanding success of the sister agencies
www.commissionaportrait.com and www.commissionacraftsman.com.
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Please call us on +44 020 7921 9708 if you have any questions.