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new art collectors     artist terms & conditions
General Terms
1. “New Art Collectors” is open to all artists who meet our editorial criteria for inclusion.  Please  fill in the online application Form(s) and submit these to “New Art Collectors” with the subscriptions or fee(s) payable and any evidence of status reasonably required by “New Art Collectors”. “New Art Collectors” reserves the right to refuse any application without giving reasons.
2. “New Art Collectors” may change the eligibility and application requirements and any fees or subscriptions payable at any time without giving notice.
3. "New Art Collectors" may include your images and any other material supplied by you for the sole purpose of promoting your work and the promotion of the web site and agency on the Internet and in any other electronic or non-electronic form or medium determined by "New Art Collectors"; in addition, "New Art Collectors" may reproduce any Images for the purpose of promoting the Database or the work of "New Art Collectors" and its artists and for educational purposes.
3A. "New Art Collectors" will remove your work from the site without warning or notice, if you publish in any form of contact address, e.g; your contact address, telephone number, cell phone, fax number, e-mail address or any other form of contact or web site.
4. You grant "New Art Collectors" all necessary licences under copyright and any other intellectual property or similar rights throughout the world to enable "New Art Collectors" to exercise the rights in paragraph 3 above, for promotional purposes of the artist(s) and the web site.
5. You confirm that you are the owner(s) of the copyright and other like rights in the Materials (including the slides, photographs, or other reproduction of Materials supplied to “New Art Collectors”) or (if not the case) that you are authorised by the copyright owner(s) to grant “New Art Collectors” the licences in paragraph 4 above.
6. “New Art Collectors” cannot be responsible for (a) any claim that any of the Images are obscene libellous or infringe any law anywhere in the world (b) any materials lost or damaged in transit to or from “New Art Collectors” or while in the possession of “New Art Collectors”; or (c) any errors omissions or inaccuracies in the content of the Web site.
7. “New Art Collectors” reserves the right to remove or exclude any Material supplied by you from the Database without giving reasons.
8. “New Art Collectors” will credit you on the Database and whenever the Materials are reproduced or published under these Terms and Conditions.
9. “New Art Collectors” will endeavour at all times to prevent unauthorised use or reproduction of Materials by third parties but cannot be held responsible for any unauthorised use or reproduction.
10. You may request “New Art Collectors” to remove your entry or any Materials from the website by giving at least 30 days notice in writing at any time. “New Art Collectors” does not guarantee that information held in the public domain (e.g. on Internet search engines), which refers to your Material being on the Database, is removed at the same time.
11. “New Art Collectors” may (after giving you prior warning wherever practicable) remove your entry from the Database if any subscription or other fees payable have not been paid when due.
12. “New Art Collectors” may (after giving you prior warning wherever practicable) transfer your Materials to an Archive if your entry on the Database has not been updated for any reasonable period determined by “New Art Collectors”. The Archive shall be subject to such terms and conditions as “New Art Collectors” may specify from time to time.
13. When an item is sent by the artist, the artist will be responsible for the packing insurance and shipping of the item. The artist will also be responsible for sorting out with the carrier any claim made by the buyer for damaged goods.
14. These Terms and Conditions will be governed by English law.
15. “New Art Collectors” may make any reasonable changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time without giving notice to you.
Data protection notice
1. “New Art Collectors” will use and process the personal data supplied by you for the purpose of maintaining and operating the Web site. This includes your contact details and other information comprised in the materials displayed.
2. All the Materials supplied by you on registration and subsequently will be available for public access on the Database except for Artists’ contact details. Contact details may however be passed by “New Art Collectors” to users of the Database who may wish to contact artists with work opportunities, subject to “New Art Collectors”' normal procedures and User Terms and Conditions.
3. “New Art Collectors” may contact Artists from time to time to inform them of work opportunities and to keep them informed about “New Art Collectors” and its services.
4. From time to time “New Art Collectors” may also like to pass Artists contact details to selected third parties who may wish to contact Artists by telephone, post or email with details of products or services which “New Art Collectors” considers may be of interest to you. If you do not wish “New Art Collectors” to pass your details to third parties for this purpose, please tick the box below or contact us at any time by telephone email or letter. [ ]
5. By agreeing to these terms by ticking the box bellow, Artists will also consent to the processing of their personal data as stated above.
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